WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Thailand

Thailand keeps me smiling
There the sun is always shining
Beautiful and so wonderful
Mystical and magical
Tranquil waters there do flow
Sweeter fruits there they grow

A nation filled with pride
Mountain peaks far and wide
Plenty to eat so you decide
East and west there collide
On my motorbike, I will ride
With my heartbeat by my side

Seasons there are tropical
Your heart's desire is feasible
The people there are unbelievable
Leaves you feeling so comfortable
Gentle rains sometimes they sprinkle
So take it easy it's just that simple

Leave your worries don't be skeptical
Why are you always so cynical?
Scenery gorgeous and natural
Stories reported aren't always factual
So take the time to clear your schedule
For the time you'll have will be unforgettable

Too tightly you have been wound
Peach to brown there can be found
Striking temples they surround
All manor of entertainment abound
Enjoy the sights and the sounds
Scenery set on gorgeous backgrounds

From South Pattaya to Bang Sere
That's how I choose to spend my day
From Soi Buakhao to Soi eight
Walking in sunshine and feeling great
No better plan to formulate
Massage sir? Nah, I got a date don't want to be late

Serene and magnificent is Southeast Asia
All homage unto the Buddha
Leave your woes behind
A peaceful bliss you will find
For Thailand is very peaceful
So remember always be respectful

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Roald Dahl


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