(1612 – 16 September 1672 / Northampton, England)

My Thankfull Heart With Glorying Tongue

My thankfull heart with glorying Tongue
Shall celebrate thy Name,
Who hath restor'd, redeem'd, recur'd
From sicknes, death, and Pain.
I cry'd thov seem'st to make some stay,
I sovght more earnestly;
And in due time thou succóur'st me,
And sent'st me help from High.
Lord, whilst my fleeting time shall last,
Thy Goodnes let me Tell.
And new Experience I haue gain'd,
My future Doubts repell.
An humble, faitefull life, O Lord,
For ever let me walk;
Let my obedience testefye,
My Praise lyes not in Talk.
Accept, O Lord, my simple mite,
For more I cannot giue;
What thou bestow'st I shall restore,
For of thine Almes I liue.

by Anne Bradstreet

Comments (5)

stylistic devices in this poem
Her soul shines through the humble words of this poem and gives us a different light to read by.
A most beautiful Classic Devotional in archaic style. She was born in 1612, well that´s a true archaic time.I have enjoyed this Classic Poem of the Day! Congratulations to her descent IF they happened to read. The first printed version had read her V wrongly, must be GIVE and LIVE in the last three lines. A myriads 10´s for this.
Help from High! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Such a great write by Anne Bradstreet👍👍👍