Forest Sprite Ii

Wandering down the wooded path,
A sparkle 'neath a tree
Captures my attention -
A forest sprite I see;

Lounging on a lilly pad
Adrift upon a pool,
A tiny fairy suns herself
By waters clear and cool;

She seems to be asleeping
So still her form does lie,
Yet I detect a whisper
As I quietly pass by;

'Come close that I may see you,
For secrets I've to tell' -
She spoke to me so softly
Like the tinkling of a bell;

'It's magic that I offer,
I'm equal to the task -
I shall grant you one fine wish,
You've only but to ask';

'Then, I shall ask for wisdom
To help me find the way
To open up my mind and let
My spirit out to play';

Then with a tiny giggle
She fluttered all around,
And all the answers came to me
Without a single sound;

My mind had been awakened
As if by lightning speed,
And with her little magic spell
My spirit had been freed;

Now to this day I wonder
Just how this came to be,
To come upon a fairy sprite
While walking 'neath the trees

In some enchanted forest -
That day a spell was cast
My heart was touched by magic -
Forever it will last.

by Linda Ori

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