My Thoughts

My thoughts
they whirl around my head, they are always bouncing around my brain.

They let me get through the day with ease.
The thought of the weekend
The thought of going home
The thought of love

They give me the answers i'm looking for
They give me new ideas
My thoughts are brilliant, but sometimes they are too much
The thought of something bad happening makes me sad and mad

I once thought of my dog dying and I almost cried
I once thought of failing a math test and I felt like a failure.
Once I thought of Cookies and I felt hungry
Once I thought of a Flower and I felt happy

My thoughts have been with me through thick and thin
My thoughts have been with me since i was a a baby
My thoughts are there in dreams and the every second i wake up
My thoughts are what drive me to success

Thoughts are funny sometimes they trick you into believing in something you don't.
But even though you may want to ignore your thoughts sometimes you can't you're thoughts are yours and no one else's

Love your thoughts so then they don't trick you like mine did.

by Megan Monroe

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