(29/03/1971 / St Helens, Merseyside)

My Thoughts

Let me tell you what I think,
The way I feel for you.
From when I gave you my first wink,
When love to us was new.

I want you bad, I need you now,
Believe me babe it’s true.
My heart to you will take a vow,
I’m yours it’s up to you.

Misunderstood is what I am,
Now this is why were parted.
To you i do not give a dam,
So now i’m broken hearted.

I know I take my time to think,
Now that has cost me dear.
You’ve given up without a blink,
Now i’m left with a tear.

I see that money means alot,
Did this help in your choice.
I hope you say that it did not,
Your heart too has a voice.

there's nothing more that I can do,
Your heart will choose your love.
So just remember I Love You,
We Should be - say’s god above.

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sad...but a reality in relationships. A lot of meaning. Kudos!