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My Thoughts Beyond The Sky
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My Thoughts Beyond The Sky

Poem By Binta Bundu

I woke up in the middle of the night at a time when every moving being was fast asleep.
I open my room's little window and stared at the beautiful nature of "God."
The confidently hanging cloud, the moon that shines brightly over mankind's light, and
the countless scattered stars, twinkling like Barbara Walter's eyes on 20/20. I wonder, and wonder without blinking my eyes, what a world?
Suddenly, I heard the most terrified sound I've ever heard,
Sheeee, Whoooo, Bgoon!
That's it!
The Hurricane came rumbling, running faster than any concord jet plane ever created by
mankind, folding, dragging, pushing, pulling, smashing, shifting and lifting everything
big or small that stands in front or back of it. Rokulan, rokulan, rokulan, my heart pounded, my first thoughts were
"God was folding the earth away from mankind,"
I knelt, folded my hands, closed by eyes and prayed,
"God the Almighty"
the world it too little for you to exercise your mighty power on. There is not a day on earth mankind did not pray;
We know very well that you are the last source of hope for all mankind.
But, God if only you could do something about the IRS, mankind would focus on praying
to you, and thank you for blessing America.

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