MH (3-22-1964 / Westwood)

My Thoughts Of The Blessed Mary

When Mary saw the angel for a moment
She was calm and knew about God's heavenly power
and she closed her eyes so she would not see her
because she believed in God so she could not see him
and folded her hands as if she was praying
because she listened to every word the angel said to her.

Mary was happy that she would bear God's son
but she was modest and already blessed
and kept silent about the news of becoming a mother
she wanted to keep her baby safe

She knew about evil in the world
before he was born
and then they found out about Herod and his evil power.
She knew God was everywhere
and maybe Mary cared for Joseph before the angel came.
God knew He could be her husband
and Mary could be his wife.
what a beginning of a beautiful new life for everyone in the world
who never believed in God and heaven before.
this time with Jesus, there could have been peace on earth

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