My Thursday Night Mother.

You say to me you love me
But then you go do this
I never thought you’d be so cruel
So nasty.

You’ve hurt me mentally.
And physically.
And I shouldn’t have to take it,

The constant names,
The constant pain,
The constant shouting,
And screaming,
And screeching.

I just can’t take it anymore!

You call me a bitch, a cow and I’m stupid,
And I’m supposed to sit there and take it!
I pick you up on it and what do you say?
“Its MY house! Don’t EVER tell ME what to do! ”

Why should I have any respect for you,
When you have absolutely none for me!
I called you a bully, for calling me names,
So you call me lazy and say I do “F**k all in a hard hat”.

Aren’t you pleasant?

But I repeat myself and call you a bully once more.
You say, “I am a bully. I bully you to make you do things! ”
You cause me hurt, you cause me pain.
You cause me tears. You cause me grief.

You come in here, turn off my screen.
You then return, turn off my tv.
Well I’ve had enough,
Of your goddamn ignorance.
I can’t take it nomores,
Go to hell mother.

22: 32 30/03/2006

by Mordrid Harpoon

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