My Time

Listen and you can hear the silence
The time when daylight intrudes upon the night
You can see the dew on the grass and see the snails
hurrying home before the sun makes the ground too
The birds have already begun their chirping and flying
to catch the night bugs who have not hidden yet
The silence is soothing and allows your mind and body
to be at peace
This is my time - before the night is gone and the sun
The time when everyone is asleep and I can sit and
think about days gone by of just sit and listen to the
It is my time to make my peace with God and myself
To me this is the most beautiful time of the day, when
the noise is subdued and the light is barely
This is my time and I thank the Lord for the peace and
silence so I may renew myself from the hustle and
activity of the world

by Carol E. Doering

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