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My Time

time is running
my hand is out of clouds
but i can not catch it
i'm the slave of shadows
sometimes i feel drowning in it
yes i want to catch it
my expectation is high
but i receive nothing
i want more and more
but what i want
i dont know, what it is
the secret
no chance to discover it
my yesterday today
complicated with pain
would my future brings joy to it
after darkness sun comes out
i feel it goes inside so deep
but is there time for me?
could i cope with this reality
life have been cruel to me
i dont want to accept more of it
i deserve the best from you
because i feel something specail inside me
i need help
I want it from nobody
i want you to look at me
to tell me
is there a chance for me
to survive
i'm thirsty, tired here
i'm blind
what life wants to brings to me?

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