My Time Of Then

When men were boys and boys were men
A time of total freedom for our time of then.
It made no difference whether boys or men
Crucial the issue only remain steadfast friends.

Instead of toil, imagination was to reign supreme
Only close friends were allowed inside our dream.

Five full summers free from woe
Time for boys to become men and and that was so.

Parents to protect and also provide
We didn't know it then but they were on our side.

Always lived close enough to a a forest of trees
Day after day doing just what we pleased.

There wasn't much we didn't do or think
Only to be together doing was the imortant link.

We had our arguments and battles of war
Even brother against brother and most ended in a draw.

The last day of school and tomorrow to become our time of then
'Free at last, free at last; me and my friends.

Leave in the morning and take a lunch
Swimming naked at the quarries as the original wild bunch.

Our Mothers somehow could always find a dime
Saturday afternoon movies, hooking a ride on the steetcar line.

Fives years a life of time called then
I still know the face and nickname of every boyhood friend.

The door ws closed and the clocked moved past our time of then
Another one was opened with the sign; 'reserved for only men'.

It is true, 'time waits for no man' and that must include men
Just like our father now we must wait for another time of when.

03-05-06 Aho Speaks. ..

by AHO Speaks

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