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My Tranquil Dream
PRT (February 28,1948 / Kathmandu)

My Tranquil Dream

Poem By Pushpa Ratna Tuladhar

When I grasp hold of the deep sleep
And sink soundly in the ocean of peace
With no sense on my body and
Sensibility in my mind,
My whole body is then clasped to death
As the opened cage
From where my sweet dream
Exit out and enter in
As it likes
At any time as it prefers
Roaming free-minded
In the blues of the sky,
In the fragrance of the bloom,
In the greenery of the Nature,
In the folk tales
Foretold by my grand mother,
And in the fairy tales
Fore written by my grand father.
It even conjures up a magic flying car and
Travels with Harry Potter
In the Hogwarts Express
Speeding over a magnificent viaduct.
After roaming around the planet,
My dreams come back again
To the open cage,
Which is then securely locked
Barring its way to enter in and exit out.
I wake up then from my deep sleep
And occupy in my bed stiffly yawned
Refreshing in my mind the sweet dreams
That I've forgotten and forlorn
My deeply rooted sleep
Still annoys me.

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