My Transcendental Connection...

Poem By TheBigThinkg Human

My transcendental connection
Who grew and filled my inside vision
With whom I felt my completion
My split self; my son!

Drifting on my life mission
I was waiting from day one…
Seconds ticking at the horizon...
For my soul anchor to be born..

I think of him; Let his thoughts be my will
I wish for him; His wishes let me fulfill
I dream of him; Let him have all my skills
I pray for him; Let him be free of my ills

I become blind, waiting for his light
Love for him, fills my insight
I become deaf, waiting for his cry
Logic fails, how much ever I try..

That hour after the midnight
When sun sleeps, stars lit bright
My son is born quite quiet
But, I become torn and desperate

I want to see him, he is away
I want to feel him, come what may
Clock ticks pico-seconds today
Cells fix their focus on his way

He came to me, riding on someone
He looked like not any known one
So different, I thought, is he my son?
From past to present, no resemblance..

Touching his tender left cheek
Charges flow down to my lips
Warmth of the kiss leads to a hug
Lightning flows between ourselves

I feed him; He is my own
But he refuses; He is on his own..
I start singing to his tones..
Never again, I would be alone..

Energy bubbles in all my pores
Day and Night, I do his chores
Our Connection grows more and more
Love flows between us in force

He has grown from my womb
His roots have landed on the ground
Still connected like the Banyan tree
We fit it off perfectly..

Fire of love melted me
Power of love molded me..
Darkness dig in, deep inside me..
Light of my life is for all to see…

He is my part that makes me the whole
Is growing apart with his own goals
We live to love and to hold..
Each other making ourselves proud..


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