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My Tree
SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)

My Tree

Poem By sandra geisell

I saw my tree standing so tall and i couldnt wait to be the highest
of all.branches so firm that they made me feel like they would
catch me if ever i fell.leaves so green that they made me fell serien
my heart ached to go to the top so i climed with the speed of a thousand
horses and never did i stop.my hair waved with a hight that could be seen from
the ground so far away.ever step i took closer to the top i heard the wind say
i will never knock u down never let u fall.my smile grew wider as i saw the top
my speed encresed so to get there faster.I was going to be there i was going
to be the tallest and happiest of all but right as i took the last step my
firm branch broke my mind went blank as i fell to my death.the tree could not save
me the wind a lieerafrer all.i had climed to fast i had wanted to much my branches had broke
the promise the wind spoke nothing but wispers now non important for i had no one there to
care to catch me when i fell my love had caried me to high to fast
and now i crash into the ground my proclain body nothing but shattered p
pieces of glass now.and the one thing my mind wouldnt stop asking
was how how could u my tree brake how could u fall right aut from under me?

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