My Tru Sista

Poem By Victoria Gunn

She is my 1 tru sista
not even blood
could be thicker
She gets on my last nerve
I push her to her limit
Sometimes I offend her
I don't mean 2
n trust
it hurts me 2
n tho I never shed tears
She crys the tears
I cannot cry
The dark thoughts
that surround her
surround me 2
She's so fragile
When her heart breaks
mine breaks too
My fear is 1day
I won't know what 2 say
2 console her
n she'll decide
2 listen 2 those dark thoughts
n commit suicide
just end it all
n that will finally cause
my tears 2 fall
because my 1 tru sista
I will no longer
have 2 call
and bug
Sometimes I swear that child
just needs a hug
I never knew how
much I
meant 2 her
She gives me compliments
I can't return
how do I compliment
an Angel
how do I compliment
such perfection
I'm trully blessed
2 have a sista
who puts up
wit all my mess
n relieves
all the stress
When she's gone
I wonder where
my sista
n my better half is at
Then I realise
she's right besife me

Comments about My Tru Sista

A lovely poem, expessed with feeling and kind thoughts for another Love Duncan X
well written sis blood couldn't make us closer

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