* My Truth - Your Lies *

O why O why! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -in that megalomaniac style
Tried piggybanking in kleptomanical frame
Words or arrows-were they verbatim?
Why sought thee a frame
Like this a path so curvacious
Out of your quiver-mind of math and vision
So frightful but simultaneously hilarious
So that the grandiose of a story could emanate
Of two lonely souls in this universe of skulduggery

Yes lies galore
To seek the truth
Thats what thou sayeth
To find out the truth
Was it just truth t’was the seeking
Or was it the plane the testing ground?
Of two birds in migration seeking
Lost love over hills and vales
And danes of shame

Words juggled forth in and out
Now a new confoundment
Is this a new prank?
Or just a ruse
To pamper ones pride
In arithmetic progressions
Of simultaneous equations and multiplications.

Yes truth still seeks truth
Is afraid to ask more
Feels still some lies be
Lurking behind
Those permutations and combinations
Those trignometrical equations of
Tan thetas is sine theta upon cos theta
Or is it still,
The pranks of that black and blue
Butter thief
As deceptive of a mirage in a desert

How is skulduggery served?
Yes how is this served
In algorithmic allegories
Or in petri dishes of love and agar

How is skulduggery served?
Yes how is this skulduggery served
My cherried lips as microcosms
On petri dishes of love and snippets
Of stolen couplets of Spanish and French
Or should it be in permutations and combinations of
Arithmetic progressions.
My fettish desires of that virtual kiss
Nay not legal-that kiss of vengeance
But osculatory perfunction
Of my pure infection.

To soothe that blurred appearance
Here are those pictures
Seen in those visions
But secret worries
Nagged me whole sale
What if you have
Actually sold me?
As in sayings-
To that website
Of woman’s carnal desires
To grand old men
Of Idis’ empires.

Though thou art so close, yet so far
A fear still hides in my bosom
How do I clear that fear?

Asked my Lord
Give me the strength
To chose the right
In thy clear sight
If it be thy holy will
Then make me that oil
In his lamp
To shine and burn
With him forever
Or just let me be that perfume
That lingereth in him
Until I am no more
But that lingering fragrance
Be his muted light
A smile in his life
Be it only for a second
But one that will
Remain in our hearts


(This I had written last year but posting it today)



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Beyond all lies there was/is one truth- [Verse 1] Age ye rooz beri safar Beri ze pisham bi khabar Asire royaha misham Dobare baz tanha misham Be shab migam pisham bemoone Be baad migam ta sob bekhoone Bekhoone az diare yari Chera miri tanham mizari? Age ye rooz faraamoosham koni Tarke aaghoosham koni Parandeie darya misham Too change moj raha misham Be del migam khamoosh bemoone Miram ke har kassi bedoone Miram bessooie oon diari Ke toosh mano tanha nazaari [Hook] Age ye roozy noome to Too gooshe man seda kone Dobare baz ghamet biad Ke mano mobtala kone Be del migam karish nabashe Bezareh darde to davah she Bereh tooyeh tamoomeh joonam Keh baz barat avaz bekhoonam [Verse 2] Age bazam delet meekhad Yareh yek deegar basheem Mesaleh ayoomeh ghadeem Bensheeneem va sahar pasheem Bayad delet rangee begeereh Dobareh ahangee begeereh Begeereh rangeh oon deeyaree Keh toosh mana tanha nazaree Age mikhay peesham bemoonee Beeya ta bagheeye javoonee Beeya to poost beh ostokhooneh Nazar delam tanha bemooneh Bezar shabam rangee begeereh Dobareh ahangee begeereh Begeereh rangeh oon deeyaree Keh toosh mana tanha nazaree
Nikunj sharma is right... why no infinity...? ? ?
What a nice poem is it! Nice words have been used in the poem. The quality of the poem is in its flow, the texture of the poem is knitted well, the theme is fantastic, a very good image has been created.The another quality of the poem is its mystic music. It is a great poem.I like the poem; I enjoyed it while reading. I am giving you 100/100..Keep it up. And at last I like to thank you for sharing this superb poem among us. please read some of mine.
hi, It's a nice poem, so true about the lies that circumscribe a life of love sometimes. But if at all lies are not detected, not at all admitted but by its nature it gradually becomes transparent and fades out to surface the truth. I find it so heartspoken one. Enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Gautam
My fettish desires of that virtual kiss Nay not legal-that kiss of vengeance But osculatory perfunction Of my pure infection.............................. love when bewilders on the rune of deceit legacy of kisses slowly turns to fossil yet mathematics of monalisa reflexes into the geometry of Freudian curvatures, wonderful exposition of dialectical method to dissipate truth on the ruse of salubrious subtlety, yet ingenious by imagery and metaphors, superb yet ingenious,10+++, thanks for shariong
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