Pushed To Corner

I am pushed to corner
As if in desert move loner
No friends, foes but only vultures
No one can assert for sure

I have spent full time in isolated zone
Where no happiness was ever seen
No room there for lovely feeling
Soul is strangulated and almost killed

How do you feel when river is almost dried?
Where it had fine flow and now completely died
I struggle with frozen feelings
Curse the life and carry on almost unwilling

Where are all my friends now?
Joy, happiness and sadness to plough
Love to emerge with ever lasting effect
This is how I must taken on with life and act

I wish to rule main heartland
Where I should kind souls and only friends
Not so called opportunists and cheaters
But honest observers and healers

I try to forget past and resurface
Bring same happiness and joy on face
I have realized now to face the challenges
Remain in continuity and skillfully manage

I think gentle smile will do
As my name suggests "hasmukh"* will prove true
Why should move on like barren desert?
When something like inner strength erupts

Let me be in same kingdom
Where sadness appears seldom
Let us share grief and smile
Walk together and forget it all meanwhile

* hasmukh.... smiling face

by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

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