My Turn

You think you gave it all, yet it never was enough.
They say I had it easy, I feel I've had it tough.
When do I get a vacation from responsibilities.
Always left behind with my shattered dreams.
Will someone share life's responsibilities.
Or will I get stuck carrying more than half thru eternity.
Will I get recognition for my true and loving heart.
That's all I need to be a total sweetheart.
Dreams and Desires Dreams & Desires are yours for the taking.
The pictures in your mind are your future in the making.
Don't let shadows from the past cloud your future screen.
For a dream you had once came true, yet you haven't seen.
So put on some new blades, clean the windshield of your mind.
Look at me today, and see a dream alive.
I'm only yours for the taking.
Put here thanks to your future picture making.

by Patsy E. Hesketh Gothard

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