WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Twenty-Four Plus One More

How I love twenty-five
From her hips to her lips
How I worship twenty-five
From her nose to her dainty toes

I love twenty-five
From her eyes to her thighs
I really love twenty-five
From her hair to everywhere

I admire twenty-five
From her footwear to her underwear
I live for twenty-five
Seven days twenty-four she I adore

I love and desire my twenty-five
From her hands to her fingers she's a winner
Twenty-five is the answer to all my prayers
She's as refreshing as pure spring waters

Twenty-five has a beautiful face
The curves of her behind right down to her waistline
She is slim and neat and likes to keep things discrete
She has a great body dressed her best never gaudy

Twenty-five is so damned sexy
She's so sweet and foxy
Twenty-five is one of the world's most natural beauties
Can't wait to see her booty in her panties

I love her purple, white, and black sweater
I somehow know how to make her feel better
I truly love gregarious twenty-five
She is the reason I stay alive

Sweetness I find in twenty-five
In her love, I can thrive
She is every beat of my heart
By the hands Michael Angelo, she's truly a work of art

I'd give her the world if I could
In my arms to stay, she should
She is like symphony from Mozart
She is love and my sweetheart

I was in love at first sight
She makes me feel that everything will be alright
Twenty-five loves her some penguins
If only down she would lay all her burdens

I love her more and more each day than the day before
Sadly I am no more than her mentor
She needs not ask me why if she leaves me I'd die
On me, my love twenty-five can always rely

Whenever she's so far away I count the nights and days
I love twenty-five and all of her beautiful ways
I do love my twenty-five
Without her love, I can't survive

I idolize you my exquisite twenty-five
I beg you to take my love on a test-drive
I love you till the end of everything
I will save you from the pain you're battling

I just love you so much gorgeous twenty-five
I love you ravishing twenty-five
My only wish is just one kiss
I love you, I love you, and I love you twenty-five

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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