My Twin Flame

You were taken with my beauty brought together by evil. I didn't know you, all I knew was what others had told me about you. Mostly negative things. They warned me to stay away, and not get to close to you. So when we met you were exactly the opposite of how others had described you. You were sweet, charming, and had a shyness about you. I was captivated by you. Your mystery perked my curiosity. At the time we were still holding on to a past relationships trying to salvage our broken hearts. So then came the night we finally bonded. We cried, shared our sorrows of lost love, and our dreams, hopes, and desires. I was instantly drawn to you. I guess you could say I had finally met my soulmate. This man so intrigued me like no other. His charm, his knowledge and his kind heart was so unique and I instantly felt a connection to you. Never in my life had I ever felt this intense connection. December 2007

by Bella Angel

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