My Two Boys

We only met

6 shorth months ago

but it seems that

we've known each other much longer

At first I was scared

to get to know you both

I thought you would be conceited

and very stuck on yourselves

I was intimidated

that I would not meet up to

my expectations of being

liked the same as my brother and sister

I chose not to talk

I chose not to listen

I only showed up for work

and then went straight home

Then things started to change

I got to know you both a lil bit better

I realized you were not jerks

and had similar personalities

I opened myself up

and let you both into my heart

I changed for the better

and had the best time of my life

We hung out each night

and drank lots of beer

then you slept over

and we did this each night

Summer ended

and times have changed

you went on your journey

and left all your friends and family behind

I spent much time with you

even though there wasnt much to do

I wanted to be close to you and next to you

to let you know that I will always love you

I know I don't see you

and I don't talk to you often

but I know you care about me

as much as I care about you

Sometimes I still cry

somtimes i'm just sad

because I miss you

and its hard to let go of something special I had

You are my two boys

you will be for life

you will never be replaced

cause nobody can give me so much joy

so while we are thousands of miles apart

you two hold a very special place in my heart

I love you guys

more than you will ever know

I'm just afraid to admite my love

cause I don't want our relationship to change

if I was meant to be with one of you

we will be brought together by fate

My two boys

living together and free from home

don't forget I love you

and with my love you will never be alone

by Mowie DeCorp

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