My Ugly Suzan

In my dreams i saw a genie coming to my serenity.
With a so ugly face approaches she tries to taint my sanctity.
She is Suzan like a trash was too smelly and too dirty.
Looking for her dreams pig but no one is worthy.
To be hers, coz no one is lower than her in this clean reality.
So sad, I woo god to bless me just a little pity.
It’s not fair to make a saint like me live with this silly faulty.
Which must be a mean animal keep on kissing the feet just for doing some charity?
But i don’t think a dirty like her would change its bad audacity.
Coz Suzan will stay Suzan and the nasty will stay nasty.
Even she was a blonde or white bought new shoes new jeans, she will stick to be dirty.

by issam hal

Comments (7)

Genie a.k.a Suzan ~ tough to handle if done be careful please…lolol… thanks for sharing … Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10
Reminds me of a saying...cant teach an old dog new tricks. An interesting read.: D
Judging by appearence and not by the truth within the soul can make a great loss in reality.Fun poem.
10 for this pretty composition.
This poem reminds me of a movie I recently saw, it's a new release and it's called Penelope, it's about a girl who was born with a pig snout. It was an amazing moving rivaled by this poem. Be Well
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