VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

My Ultimate Summer Day

Feelings reflecting the souls’ connotation
Of a lingering scent, that reminds the sensation
Like a magic of some working mechanism
Always the faith inside the wondering, escapism

A day length reserved for the angelical serenade
Of human joyous celebration, singing in numeration
Longing the air to fill the mind of a playing child
Every temper faired, from a revolution of the mild

Passion revisited, for all involved in a loving embrace
Almost so perfect, liking the way this unties dark lace
Many voices chorus in longing, for this continuation
Time spent long and plans, that find their ultimate fruition

Time that has come to pass yet the memory shall stain
Upon this circle of events in this mind, shall always remain
Equal and evoked, to the thinking of the ever aesthetic
Blooming of new generations, a luxury of the systematic

Abiding as always, forever a day, we return to ourselves
Comparison of a story telling vibes of rejoicing cells
Attraction sought as an inferno, burns within my spirit
Raising me to higher moods, like a thermal on the dispirit

In the arms of my loved ones, friends and innocence
I have found my elemental, perfection in your presence
Gratitude is felt inside my heart, and this is my way
Perfection reached for this is my, ultimate, summer day

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