My Nation- My Pride- Salute To India

National Month of Poetry – April 2014

Date: 1 April 2014
My Nation- My Pride

Holding our flag in my hand
The feeling of being in her lap
My motherland, my nation
Tears rolled down in respect and love
Taking the first step towards her
Waving the tri-color in pride
As the Jawans stood around to guide
There is no beginning or end
To the feelings of patriotism found
Dancing to the tunes of Jai Ho!
Men and Women swayed in happiness
A Free India, A freedom cherished
That makes life more eternal, surreal
Where else can you feel this pride?
Than at the moment to hold the flag
A salute to the soldiers enduring
The wrath of climates and enemies
Protecting our Nation from all tyrants
Smiling as they guard us day and night
Leaving behind families and friends
Yes, the feelings that unfolded at Wagah
Border parade as flags got exchanged
A tribute to the friendship and tolerance
Religion is just a way to reach one God
Nation is the very lap of love of our existence
Salute and Love to my Nation- My Pride
May god bless all soldiers who guide!

by Umasree Raghunath

Comments (4)

its like a little expensive peice of chocolate wrapped in gold. its small, sweet, makes you think, and its something to savor..
The comments says it all. Are these poems any short of the great, celebrated poems? Not in any way. In more than a few aspects, i think poems like this is better than the classic ones. man, I wish people would say things like this about my poems.
Hey~! i like how this poem is short, and it's awesome! :)
Very sweet and simple that makes it seem like such a sweet romanticsm poem. If you put this poem in the middle of that of Blake's, I wouldnt tell the difference. =)