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My Uncle Bill
CB (01/13/1940 / BLUE DIAMOND KY)

My Uncle Bill


He's seen and done most everythig a man can see or do
He kissed his wife and said goodbye and fought a war or two.
He sailed the sea's and walked the land with a rifle in his grip
A hint of liquor on his breath and her kiss upon his lips.

He fought the war in Burma, gained victory at Mitchanaw
The bronze star, the purple heart, yes he won the all.
He was a member of Merrill's Marauders, three thousand from the start
Only one hundred of them returned, he more than did his part.

When it comes his time to go, the Lord will save a seat
For him to sit and tell his tales with children at his feet.
And they will marvel at his words when they hear him speak
Of growing to be the man he is from Clover Lick Creek. (Ky)

Presidents and Kings alike, would give anything to steal
The courage and the momories of My Uncle Bill.

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