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My Unconditional Love For You
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

My Unconditional Love For You

Oceans apart day after day
In the lonely journey of life
I only look for you
Though you are no longer with me
It seems that you are still with me
Yet the thought,
That I can't see you anymore
Kills me every minute, every second
With a needle piercing deep in my heart, bleeding profusely
The excrutiating pain of losing you is unbearable
It was something that I never dreamt off
As you are my oxygen that coincided with the rythmn of each and every beat of my heart
I always wanted to be the first one to leave
Yes I know I am selfish,
But Iam selfish for you my love
Because I never wanted to endure the pain
The pain that gives me a thousand death every minute, every second
Yet there is one thing that I know for sure
Till I breathe
You too breathe
Till I live
You too live
Since we are one
You cannot die before I die
So the day I float on the clouds of heaven
I'll take you with me
And there we shall unite for ever and ever

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