My Unspoken Fear

The funny thing is, everyones got the unspoken fear
It hides behind clouds yet it appears so clear
It's been hidden so long that it hurts to think
The walls begin to shrink and your minds on the brink
The thoughts unbearable, they're all in a sheathe
What's going on? GOD WHY CAN'T I BREATHE!
Every wasted second my breath becomes more faint
I'm being held back, I'm being restraint
I'm beginning to yell, I can't even hear my own voice!
My unspoken fear has done this, this wasn't my choice!
How can I stop this, what can be done?
The top of my dresser, I reach for a gun
My hand is trembling, is this it?
Have I reach an end, will I submit?
Once it reaches my head, I awake in cold sweat
My unspoken fear, I will never forget!
My unspoken fear... I will never forget!

by Anonymous Jay

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they say facing your fears helps to conquer them...but you can't control your dreams...great poem
Great poem....i love it and the ryhme scheme is so good....keep writing.... - S K ii T T L E Z
Put the gun somewhere further from your bed, is my first thought. Great poem those niggling fears brought into nightmarish vision in your poem. Guns are bad news, is a final thought. Smiling at you, Tai