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Patriotism - A Tercet
DQ (March 10,1975 / Boston, MA)

Patriotism - A Tercet

Poem By Muzahidul Reza

My Usual Walking Journey

In order to expressed and not repressed
Each walk is badly needed in order to feel refreshed
For the sake of the mental health.
Let go of all the stress and feel less useless and hapless.
All I seek in life is a bill of wealth of health.
And stay away from the ever being shelved.
All I seek is continual liberty to write for God's delight.

Walking long times at a time.
Each minute is my time of lime.
My moment of self in order to replenish.
It is when I relish the moment.
In which I never seem to lament.
It is when I know, I have new materials to generate from.
With so much exhilarating anxiety to work in the arts.
In parts to full full my inner attacks to always show.
And glow with the available paper and watery ink.
As long as I am alive, I will continue feeling rosy pink.
Feeling good as if, wearing a coat mink, with my stacks of pens and bondless reams of paper.

During my usual walk,
I hear my heart talk,
I hear voices of people, the bible's spirit voice whispering.
My thoughts at times can be full of smoking chalk.
I can feel it overwhelming at times.
The wind encourages me to keep walking onward,
I see paths of many choices,
I see many people, I see their depth of great needs,
Their pain is what I feed off, It helps me to pray for those in need.
It helps me understand and appreciate the little, that I have.
It helps me comprehend where I came from.
My roots will always be remembered.
My appreciation will always be intact.
With my constant reminder of my old roots.

The other night, I was walking in the neighborhood, I grew up.
I felt a lot of tension and apprehension from some.
I felt resentment of my presence.
I didn't care, I was coming home again.
I will always come back to kiss it and say hello and refresh my memories.
Below all circumstances and continual twisted paths,
I will forever visit Lenox Street Proyects.
Come and go, The seasons may change,
I will come back to say, 'hello'.
Now, today, I have a better acknowledgement and feel of my very beginning.
Reflection of my past will always be impressions that left me a lasting damp stamp.
So, usually my walking journeys is a self reflection of self, that has great theraupetic value of itself.

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