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My Valentine

My Valentine

Written by: Wilfred Mellers, Sunday, February 13,2011, @ 5: 59 PM

To the sweetest valentine

You are my sunshine

When my skies are gray

You make my day

When I'm feeling blue

You know just what to do

You make me feel so alive

Without you, I cannot survive

You've set my soul on fire

Greatness you inspire

Your touch gives me a chill

Do with me, as you will

The light of my life you are

The most wonderful by far

You complete me so much

You have the sweetest tender touch

So glad I've found someone

Feels like the sweepstakes I've won

Please don't ever leave

Anything with you I can achieve

My life was heading downhill

Now my life is such a thrill

The gap in my heart you've filled

Together a life we shall build

Sweeter than sugar and spice

Only your love can suffice

You are my all and all

I feel ninety-nine feet tall

The universe would be so unkind

If you were to leave I'd loose my mind

You are all I can think of

God has sent to me the greatest love

You are my sole existence

From your love I have no resistance

To break your heart I would never

I will love you forever and ever

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