(04-01-1983 / Sylhet, Bangladesh)

Working Man

Up a six, home at five,
Ridin the grind, just to stay alive,
Beat my guts out, still get no respect,
The 1%, need a reality check,

Because why?

A working man, is what I am,
Gotta stick to the plan, a working man is what I am,

My hands are blistered and my body it aches,
Six days a week, is what it takes,
No rest for the wicked, is our claim to fame,
We built this world, but no one remembers a name,

Because why?

A working man, is what I am,
Melanoma suntan, a working man is what I am,

Silver spoon, which was born in hand,
Not me boy, it's a steel lunch can,
They make a dollar, I make a dime,
They have the control, all I have is time,
(And it's running out!)

Because why?
A working man is what I am,
Goddamn THE MAN, a working man is what I am,

Grovel and grapple, for crumbs at their feet,
No gettin ahead, barely make ends meet,
These are small victories, but in the end defeat,
Provide a life for our offspring, well it's bittersweet,

Because why?

Because a working man, is what I am,
Born enslaved to the damned, a working man is what I aaaammm,

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