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Joe Ramsbottom
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Joe Ramsbottom

Poem By Marriott Edgar

My life was spent and I never had to ask why
I had more happiness and joy and seldom had to cry.
Youth as a time to grow, experience and learn with others
Truly the essence of my life to call them earthly brothers.

Then my teen years when my body grew faster than my mind
Confusion about sex and eternal manhood which which was not kind.
Then as a young man working for a living and paying my dues
The wonderous women who entered my life to become a YOU.

My first automobile that was my key to manhood and wage
Previous times of my life in the recess of my mind; page by page.
I had my war to go to but I was not glad
For those who did not come back, I am serverly sad.

Then I became a partner with another called a bride
Always to be there regardless; as she stood by my side.
Now life will undergo a recycle as it must
Truly I loved it from the beginning; to ever lasting dust.

03-28-06 Aho Speaks..

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