TMG (NOV.13,1994 / medicare)

=my Vision=

As i sit down in my table
I think of my future, i see a picture
a picture of me and my family
laughing happily, while riding my brand new Ferrari
with pockets full of money, not worrying of starvation and education
living life happily and smiling so radiantly, people calling us lucky
at my very own party,

While on vacation, well go to a beach party
and sleep in a luxury, eat delicious food
those are the benefits of being wealthy
if we get fat we'll go to the gym and
after that, well be a healthy family

How i wish that dream would come true
i only wish the best for me and my family
being rich and wealthy, healthy and happy
but still get to be fit and sexy, but in a good way
then well drive all our problems away.........

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Comments (2)

Very nice. I love it.
all the best to you in your future.