My Voyage

Disturb me not please!
I am on my voyage;
And a scientist quickened
His pace to be my guide;
For I have won his case
From the dying stage.

Much before that, I had
Visited the Hon'ble Minister
Who told me meekly as not
Holding the charge of voyage;
Thinking to be the correct state,
I sail and sail through with
My good wife to courts.

And after he crossed the election-river,
I sneaked into his residence with
bouquet of my renewed voyage;
This time he is in-charge, hence
He couldn't renew his prior statement;
And assured my friend as well as me
To do the needful when time comes.

Many a water has flown/overflown
Since then, in the Mahanadi and its
Tributary, the Kathajodi; many a colleague
Of his has faced CBI storm; even the
Admiral of A.G. Office got nosedived and the
Office runs without anybody at its helm;
Nevertheless, status quo reigns;
God has graced each of us
In our respective posts;
And my voyage is certain to see a harbour.

by Purusottam Chuli

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It's a wonderful poem about a voyage in life. Thanks.