My Waiting Belle

She walked naked
into the burning white moonlight
with outstretched hands.
As ruthless winds laughed violently
and rattled her delicate form;
the grass blades below, turned cruel
and slashed at her tender soles.
Up high, shattered a piece of sky
and the splinters tasted her flesh!
As she called my name and cried aloud,
the clouds melted to join her tears.
The bright flickers of lightenings
paused a while longer
to glance at the streaming down blood rills
along her rosy curves.
She yelled again my name
and cried this time louder!
I heard...
but I am miles away!

by Sathya Narayana

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Comments (2)

Sathya, such a lovely write👍👍👍
No matter how far you are, cry of love is heard from afar Superb poem sathya.. +++10