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My War
KS (03/23/1968 / Laguna Beach, CA (Now live in Florida))

My War

Poem By Kristina Smith

My heart is my battlefield
I'll defend it to the end,
It's has taken quite some time
to rebuild and to mend,
I am a seasoned warrior
I've heard and seen it all,
The fortress and wall around my heart
I've built it strong and tall.

I once was easily fooled by love
persuaded by its lies,
the one thing I thought I couldn't be without
is now what I despise,
I am now the soul protector
of this battered bleeding heart,
I've worked too hard to let loves allies
rip it all apart.

I see your army marching
toward my scarred and calloused cell,
My secrets, wishes, and love longings
never will I tell,
I am a soldier of my heart
that you shall never break,
I will stand my ground tried and true
outside this iron gate.

Your charms like bullets wear me down
and soften up my senses,
you chip away at all my walls
and many mended fences,
My shield and armor I throw them down
choking on my pride,
I kneel before you in admiration
and let you step inside.

I swore that I would never again let anyone through this door,
you may have won loves battle, but you haven't won loves war.

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Nicely put together. keep it up.