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Forever—it Composed Of Nows


Forever—it composed of Nows—
'Tis not a different time—
Except for Infiniteness—
And Latitude of Home—

From this—experienced Here—
Remove the Dates—to These—
Let Months dissolve in further Months—
And Years—exhale in Years—

Without Debate—or Pause—
Or Celebrated Days—
No different Our Years would be
From Anno Domini's—

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your name writes itself across my sky. and the stars are just aline. great lines. this is a really sweet love poem. I really liked it. it is written well.good job.Becca
I like this poem. Its very cute! ^-^ Jess xx
with the hermits and the crabs, with the star fish and clams, i'll arrange it on the shore and spell your name, i'll whisper the golden words eyes closed while holding my loving heart...that's my way of telling I LOVE YOU...beautiful piece...