VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

My Weakness

I walk along the place once i used to call it heaven,

the weather so cold makes me miss you more,

i see our tallest friendship grown,

in the feat of the drowned buildings,

i grabbed a dried leaf and kept inside the pages of my diary,

your hands would have lost its mark by wiping all my tears,

your shoulder was my teddy bear,

the stories i made from the moon,

lying at the grasses and top of my room,

a timid bear like me roared like a fierce lion with you,

few movies become my favorite just bcoz i watched it with you,

the late night dinners,

the laughs that brought tears,

even the silly fights we had,

they all fills my heart with your memory,

you are my strength and now my weakness!

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Pablo Neruda

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