My Wife

I see her hands now gnarled and bent, trembling, clumsy
Aged with spots that tell the years
I see her eyes now faded and inward looking, gentle still but dim with time
I see her legs, now veined, weary, somewhat lumpy should the truth be told
I see her lips, now creased with age and thin not plump
I remember the way they were when first we kissed
And yet, in spite of all the years now gone, I see her still as she once was
Vibrant, laughing, hands a symphony of movement as she spoke
Her dancing legs a celebration of the joy of life she felt
And those sweet lips that spoke of love and kissed our slumbering infants
O love of mine what wreckage all our years has rent
I wouldn’t change a scrap of it - our trials and tears
Our loving to the end and always sharing
I see not what is now but then
I love you still, e’en more, my life, my love, my wife

by Janet Patrikios

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i liked the poem and the way you spoke of an undying love
It is a kind letter - not a poem!