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My Wife
FS (December 28,1951 / Portsmouth, Ohio)

My Wife

What kind of woman have I found,
That I should be so blessed,
Of all the women in the world,
To me she is the best.

In good times and in bad
She is always by my side,
To help me down the road of life,
In her love I can always abide.

I know I am not the perfect man,
No nor ever shall I be,
But I know I can make it until the end,
As long as she is beside of me.

The love between us only gets stronger,
As we travel thru the years,
Hand in hand we walk towards our sunset,
Thru heartaches, laughter, and tears.

Yes, of all the women in the world,
That I could have choosen in my life,
I thank God above for all his help,
For my love, my companion, my wife.

Dedicated to my wife, Beverly of 30 years


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Comments (2)

You, my friend, are indeed a fortunate man! Excellent composition.
A loving tribute to a lovely woman. You sound like a blessed man.