My Wilderness

Stretched before me are
hundreds of acres unknown
Nothing familiar
Nowhere to hide
I am exposed for all of the universe to see

In this crowded room
I feel nothing
Shock just a fleeting moment
in this new anticipated reality

I am totally alone
no-one can be me
they can only imagine

My spirit stirs
A cloak of protection surrounds me
A shield of light

A moment where laughter and fear
combine as the reality hits
I shed only the smallest tear
A hand reaches out
gently touching mine

'How do you feel' a voice somewhere near by asks
I simply nod, accepting my fate

I am empty of time and space
vacant of any thought
sitting here alone
in the wilderness

'Here you go' a voice booms
into my silence.

'This pack has all the information you need

Cancer can be cured you know
so have faith.'
I nod

Faith is the one thing I do have
No wilderness will strip
that from me
Nothing can destroy my belief

I shall laugh and laugh
once this has sunk in
God has too much for me to do
so I shall survive.

Within this wilderness I find power

Wthin my heart I discover strength
Although I am so alone
I am also blessed

I have a protector and a spirit
with me in the empty space
and I can truly say
I am a survivor

by Janice M Pickett

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