WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Woman

My Woman "A wild ride of the mind Soliloquy"

To see you live in stereo would be like dying and going to heaven
Only you can make me happy
I am happier now than I ever was
I have seen the light and it shines on me now so I don't have to be alone
I am happy that I have met you, and you are a very beautiful young woman

You must have guys knocking down your door all the time
A woman like you should never be alone
Man was made for woman and so it should be
We are one in the circle of life
To be without you is a waste of time and one's life
I had a vision of an angel on the beach and that vision was you, my dear
I am grammatically challenged when it comes to finding words that suit you best
My clumsy fingers are not bad because they can compose things that can move people sometimes but not like you have

They (my hands) can hold you, touch you, and feel things like I have never before
My hands are drummer's hands in your band of merry minstrels
They are gentle to hold and keep you safe in your darkness hours
In your hands are the tools that make or brake down the world has we know it
My hands are yours to have and to hold
They are meant to hold you in my arms
They are meager extensions of my soul

You make my heart sing a melody not yet heard by mankind
Melodies divine that make the world sing
I would write Meaningful words that captures the spirit of true happiness
With you all things are right
You make the birds sing and the wind blow
You make the sun rise in the morning and when the sun goes down, the morning dew cries only for you

I can only envision your smile that shines so brightly that it blocks out the sun
No one can compete with that
The heavens kneel at your feet
You are queen amongst the heavens
The stars worship you and the moon is your night light
Queen you are and goddess to all men
A simple kiss from you would set my soul free to fly amongst the stars and worship you in a castle on high

You see how easy it would be to write words of feeling to someone as special as you are to the world
Thank God you are a live. He has truly blessed us with your presents
We could ask for no more. When he made you he had me on his mind.
Dream dreams of contentment where to be held by you I would die in your arms.
I could so easily slip away to paradise surrounded by you love
I see your true greatness and blessings emanating from within you my queen.
You could make a blind man see and a deft man hear again
You make this old man wish for younger days
They say that beauty is only skin deep but your beauty flows rights thru you and I can only wish that fragment rubs off on me.
You just being you is the greatest prize of all and any man is extremely lucky could dream of winning
You make all men weak at the knees.
Life is short and the love of a good woman is the only thing worth living for.
I will live forever just because I know you.

Words are a simple mathematical equation that proves one plus one equals me and you
Three plus two is five, an odd number, but man and woman though two still equal one soul
Two is an even number that shows one man and one woman are one in the eyes of God A man and a woman or two individuals but together they are partners that equals one individual; the circle of life and 360 degrees make a full circle
Understanding of the quadratic equations shows that all things equal out
Calculus 101 and advance applied mathematics shows you in perfect symmetry.
I know I am a bit extreme and abstract thinking, but I told you I think too much

I think about too many things at once
I think about a gentle embrace as I slip away into the night with my true love
A love so divine that it could only be heavenly blessed.

As hard as it is to believe, I am what I am. My eyes have been blessed by my princess Can I be a minister of love in your court?
It is a small position I know, and I am not worthy of, but I fine minister I shall be.
Bless you sire and queen of all things. I am your humble servant for life
I would kiss your feet daily and rub them down with warm oil
I will message you where it is sore to bring you back in line with your queenly character
I will worship at your alter of love
I will never stray for to do that would be a fool's endeavor
I will lay waist to all if you so desired
If by chance you had enemies at your door, I would lay down my life for your escape
Too good I am not, but a mare servant in your court
Whatever it takes to make you happy is my only desire my queen

I am a knight of your round table.
You are worth every sentence that I write
An eternity sentence I would serve to keep you at harms length I would do proudly
I am the captain of your royal guards and sergeant major of your soldiers
Your army awaits your command

Yes, I am a silly male but a male that would never fail you.
I can move mountains if you desire
Vanquish any foe; slay the dragon from your keep
I will bring down the giant that would do ill will to you queen-Dom.
If so desired, I would keep a constant eye on your realm of authority and rule by your side as your first prime
A prime minister of your lands you've captured
Ruler of all things the sun shines on
Sunset will never touch your sphere of influence O' sacred great ruler and divine woman

I would even skyjack a plane to be by your side
Fly me away in a metal bird, to foreign shores, to dwell in your arms tonight ever after
I will put to pen these words as your scribe and your man in waiting so you can feast on melodies at your delight
What sweet sadness to hear the utterance of your voice so far a fringed
A life without you would lead to absolute madness, chaos, anarchy, and mayhem upon civilization as we know it.

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