WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Woman Part 2

My woman in the morning brings me joy
In the winter she brings me springtime
In the darkness, she is my illumination
The morning sunshine she is

Betray her for another? Never
The world to me she means
On cloudy days she brings me hope
No more for she is all I need

Flowing over my cup that she fills
The North Star she is that glow that guilds me home
She never surrenders under insurmountable odds
She pulls it all together for she is the one

The feelings she gives me words could never spark
Princess and my queen she is my all and all
To the bowels of hell and back, I would follow her
For her satisfaction, I would do anything

More love than I can handle She gives me
For me as well she cares deeply
An eternity has passed by each moment we are apart it seems as if
I would spend it with her if I had only one moment left

Light as a feather her steps are
Graceful and neat her ways are
Beyond her years she has wisdom
I will follow her if she chooses to lead me

She is my woman and I her man
We are a pair I own her not
My better half she is
To do great things she gives me the will

Her heart I will break never
More every day She gives me
In the summer of my life, she is the flower that blooms
Without seeing her face may my eyes never close

The day we met God blessed
You evermore I shall love
Without your love, the world would not turn
For more no man could ever ask

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