My Women

My black women is black and beautiful
her eyes are black and beautiful
as she smiled and admired her beauty
she's a hard worker full of dreams
she keeps on trying whenever her dreams deems
my black women is black and beautiful

She bears and carries fruits for her fimaly
as she protects and proclaims her love.
look! there she acts and flies like a dove
for she's a carer that cares continously
my black women is black and beauiful

She's a victim of being hurt and raped
although they steal and victimize her virginity
she's a co-creator with God
I love and respect my black women
my black women is black and beautiful.


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Comments (2)

This is a wonderful poem, it reminds me of 'The fat black woman' poem. I like it so much that I would like to use it analyse it for one of my University's assignment. Does anyone has any more information on the author or how did the poem come about, any inferred meanings? etc. thanks
very nice poem, i loved it also quite sad,