My Wonderful Wife............

Since we married, our life journey sails smoothly
step by step with out any barrier or trouble
We walk side by side as a husband and wife
We know the day when we started our life
Those roads were hard and mountain to walk and climb
The sun and rain showered its strength on us while walking on the road
The nights were thoughtful of our future instead of honeymoon
But your strength and faith made me to over come all those obstacles
Your love and courage energized me to build up from the scrape
Your kindness and patient kept me away from sadness and frustrations
You are always remains as my wonderful and loving wife
Now we have lovely family and blessed with two wonderful sons
We can be proud what we have done for us and for our children
Our love and guidance could help our children to live decently
Not only they will learn to care of their children but also us
It has been twenty years since we told ' I Do' front of God
But my love still grows for you strong and everlasting trust
I could not imagine how my life would have been without you
I have to thank God for giving me a wonderful and understanding wife
and making us a great family as husband, wife and children

by Ravi Sathasivam

Comments (8)

A wonderful lovely romantic reality poem
It is a wonderful narrative, abstract poem.The feeling of love between husband and wife is essential for their relationship.Thank you for sharing..10+++++++
A blessing beautiful lines....long live ur love! ! ! !
this a very passionate poem full of love and trust for each other.. very nice to read..
a beautiful poem expressing your feelings perfectly and a beautiful family.... god bless...
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