Happy Ending

After they had not made love
she pulled the sheet up over her eyes
until he was buttoning his shirt:
not shyness for their bodies- those
they had willingly displayed- but a frail
endeavour to apologise.

Later, though, drawn together by
a distaste for such 'untidy ends'
they agreed to meet again; whereupon
they giggled, reminisced, held hands
as though what they had made was love-
and not that happier outcome- friends.

by Fleur Adcock

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the saying is that as soon as you name God, God ceases to exist. as soon as you see him in a bored -> oops, board --> what then? - some believe that God is in everything so I don't know if you even need to dress up the board. Perhaps you only need a sign that says, GOD FOR THE TRUE BELIEVER- you know, something like the emperor and his clothes? Money changers, mercenaries, mocking birds....religion with the Midas touch- my 2-cents for your 5-dollars...
OH MY GOD! ! i am dying over here. this must be your best work yet, PoHo. a Masrterpiece. you've got some great ideas. ever think about starting a cult? Jake
I saw that board - http: //feeds.feedburner.com/scienceblogs/pharyngula? m=113 Strange goings on. Last year it was a toasted cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary on it. I guess I'd like to think it really is Jesus on the board. Which makes you wonder, what are we supposed to do about this? Why are we looking for Jesus in wood? Why did Jesus choose wood as a means to communicating with us? Zounds, or 'his wounds, ' as they say.
Be careful if they touch it! You might form some splinter religious group. -chuck
I don't know Prof. I read that title and was a little worried about you. A Woody? Well anyway I got to thinking about a couple of more uses for your plank. You could shape it into a paddle and let all the 'spare the rod and spoil the child' zealots use it to beat some kindness into their children. Or. You could make golf tees out of it. You can imagine what an irate golfer could say after he knocked his drive in the water. 'Jesus, did you see that'? I guess in Jesus' present state it would be a rhetorical question. And think what Jesus stakes would do to a vampire. Don't have any more suggestions but I do think you should have a slogan for selling the board. 'Jesus on a board. Believe it or knot'
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