WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

My Word To Somrit

My Word To Somrit

(Adventures In Pattaya, Thailand)

Written: Wilfred Charles Mellers, Thursday, April 8,2010, @ 4: 16 PM

On my way home from work by moonlight

Bumped into me to my delight

A young lady slightly inebriated aright

I go home with you she said tonight

She said what's your name and where you from

Smiled I did remained I calm

America I live but Jamaica I belong

So we spoke as we walked along

As the Arabian man smoked from his bong

Thoughts went through my head I knew were wrong

Deep down I knew someone else my heart belongs

Sad is the night without our love songs

How are you she said, I am good same, same

I knew what was up for I know the game

Alluring she was as mango chutney

For a little bit of money she would've been my honey

Attentively listening she waited for a sign

A single word and she would have been mine

Speaking softly conscience remind

All that I had build I would have unwind

Debauchery tried to take and make me blind

Why should I put myself in a bind?

This was the last thing I had on my mind

So politely to her I turned and declined

As tantalizing as she was having my way I could

An oath I took temptation came steadfast I stood

Sorry but our conversation has come to an end

I already do have a beautiful girlfriend

Thoughts came and reminded me of us

Waved I did as she got on the bus

This to many might sound absurd

But a man is not a man if he can't keep his word

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