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Midnight Thoughts
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Midnight Thoughts

The clock has just screamed twelve,
I don’t know why it sounds so loud
In this empty room with the scattered dreams
And the dead TV.
A tap is dripping in the background,
the cats outside are having a fight
and the minutes drag themselves around
to be replaced by crawling ones.
The dusted books on the self seem so far away
And in the magazines another superstar
Made the headlines because of his new affair.
I don’t know why I keep reading them,
Maybe because the newspapers are full
With political lies and deaths.
The city outside my window is not sleeping either,
The passing couple kiss underneath the stars,
The ducks sleep on the grass
And my Sleep is out there
Playing ‘hide and seek’.
Maybe I’ll wait for the dawn
And when my Sleep will finally return from its trip
My alarm will scream again to say
That another lonely night has passed
With out you by my side..

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