ASA (2 January / Malaysia)

My Words

'what's wrong? ' he said.
'There's something wrong! 'I replied.
'I love you! ' he said.
'I hate you! ' I replied.
'I'll die without you..'he said.
'I'll make you die! ' I replied.
'Listen to me..'
'You listen to me..I hate you! I hate you! and I hate you! ! Go away! '

And then he walked away..
without turned back to me..
I felt something heavy inside my heart..

'Was I being very cruel? '
And the day passed through the time..
I never see him again..
And now, that day is spinning through my memory..
And it showed to me that,
I do love him..

Just because of my words,
I suffered..

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Then call him back! It is not everyday that a person discovers their own true feelings. The day is still young.