My Words

Nothing could be further from the truth
The words I've penned, from infancy to youth
From Adult-hood to maybe end of days
So many words I write, so many ways.

They flow like rivers pouring, flowing fast
I never know how long the words will last
I just keep going, until they may cease
An ending, or a blessed word release.

Do I believe the words I write are true?
Do I believe they mean something to you?
The reader of my words, that flow so well
From where they come, I cannot really tell.

Enjoying what I'm doing now it seems
My mind exploring visions of my dreams
From where it starts and ends I have no clue
And stopping it's so hard for me to do.

As long as I can raise a few more smiles
Dear reader, my words travel over miles
And even if my words can make you cry
You cannot say I didn't really try.

So bless the mind that seeks ways to express
Some sadness or a little happiness
I'll keep on trying to invent some prose
How long it lasts,
Well.... no-one really knows

by Phil Soar

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