My Words Are Powerful

Poem By Poetic Judy Emery


My words come alive whenever you read
what I write that I bleed;
your eyes don't see but your mind will
start too dream about me while you sleep,
You will feel my pains;
and the darkness that is eating upon my soul
my life is deadly and cold,
you think you know me and in time you may
the more you read you will start to bleed,
you will start to cry in true agony
you will see the one who haunts me,
but never become a fool by the lies
that Dark Angel holds in his eyes
his words are powerful like poison
he will bite into you like a snake
and leave you out to die,
he will blame you and shame you
night and day,
deprive you of your faith,
So, be where of what you read
My words come alive and will give you bad dreams,
Deep inside my mind are many doors
Many rooms to hide,
My words are written in blood on those empty cold walls,
I'm dying yet alive
I'm lost praying to be found by true love,
My heart is always bleeding
I'm always crying because of the screaming,
You think you know me but you don't,
You want to get close to me
But your safer by staying away,
you don't see me while I'm bleeding out into the sea
Of darken dreams, but you keep reading my words
They are powerful and they hurt,
I may act as if I am happy with a smile upon my face
But I am broken
and the tears I cry are dried up
But my moans are still there,
My heart is in so much pain
My body feels it's on its last days,
Throughout my body are marks
You could never see them but they are there,
Life was never fare,
Behind those cold empty walls are the screams
of the insane that are lost and in deep pains,
Oh, the hurts and the burns,
the cuts upon the guts,
Where loneliness made its bed,
The tears fall hard in the silence of my pains
Where it rains, I dance and I scream
But no one could ever see me or hear me
But they do read my painful words,
Words that will leave you wounded
In deep despair, where no one cares
About what it is you feel,
A place where you could never find peace
Too late for repentance all you have is dirty deeds
That will always make you bleed,
Hardship is always knocking at the door,
Hello heartbreak that is always under attack,
Where you're always looking back,
Where sadness, suffering, seduced more sorrow,
I'm broken this anyone can see
All the pieces are written in my words that bleed
Nobody can fix me or take my pains away,
There is no cure or a key to set me free from he
The one who haunts me night and day,
I dance alone in a room so cold
Praying one day true love will find me
So, I keep a candle lite next to my bedroom window,
Hoping one day he will come and set me free
He is the one who holds that key,
No other will be able to do such a thing,
I have no friend that are true
But I have enemies everywhere I look,
Loneliness is a sad state of mind
But it is my only company
My solitude I write down in my own blood stain ink
Just for the whole word to read about me.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017 Time 8: 30 PM 017

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