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My Words

My words are slippery as slime
that snails and hagfish ooze,
but should they trip you up in rhyme
I hope they will confuse.

My words are like a silkworm’s thread
from which I try to weave
cocoons where only words unsaid
are ones you should believe.

My words are like a serpent’s skin
that changes every year,
for repetition is a sin
all mortals ought to fear.

My words are calcium from a mollusk,
and hardly ever tell
the truth, because their selfish solace
is hidden in their shell.

My words extrude into a realm,
transcendently but tricky,
where bias is a biofilm
and problems are all sticky.

My words are like a trail of mucus
and sometimes snide as snot,
and since they’re blurred and out of focus
they tell you who I’m not.

by gershon hepner

Comments (4)

Fascinating piece, Gershon
Pretty slick piece of writing, Gershon. I like the easy flow and the catchy topic, along with the scientific explanation - quite informative! Thanks! Linda
nothing keener than the great poem with scientific undertones. very intriguing. -Tailor
delicious, humorous, enlightening, and poetic - what more could one ask?